Another software defined radio is funding now on Crowd Supply

Hi, Just the info…
If someone want to compare SDRs - there is another one being funded now on Crowd Supply.

Price / performance ?!
Not sure can be success story.

The only benefit i can see with that radio is that it covers higher bands (3.8 to 6 ghz), so if you are implementing WIFI, or similar technologies it is better suited.

The FPGA is different and might be a bit better, but not too much, and that it supports “hardware expansion”. There has been talk about a hw expansion with the LMS8001+ ( Next Gen LimeSDR ). Maybe it will use SPI over the FPGA headers to reuse the FPGA and FX3-chip of the limesdr. Also analogue devices are a bigger company than lime so their brand might be more familiar.

It looks like simpler version of USRP B200 for half the price. Not bad, but LimeSDR is cheaper and has 2 channels (both FreeSRP and USRP B200 are only single-channel devices and therefore doesn’t support MIMO).

If you need 6 GHz range, you can have HackRF for same price as LimeSDR (but of course it is only 8-bit, half-duplex and 20 MSPS, so FreeSRP offers much more, but also costs more).

I wish that young man well that created that board. It looks real nice. Some links to his project pages:

It’s a challenging endeavour from all angles. His goal there seems reasonable.

I do wonder why he lists the LimeSDR as $299 since it’s listed as $289.