ADS-B Spur on mini

Anyone else notice this using the Lime mini. Im getting a 15 dBm spike at exactly 1090 MHz.

Yep - I get one there as well.

Hi Tom, thanks for the feedback. It must be some sort of artifact, its anoying whilst monitoring ADS-B signals. Tend to use a different SDR for that purpose so its not really an issue. Apart from that I really like the Lime mini.

Yea i like the lime, definitely more sensitive then my hackrf - i use the sdrplay for ads-b seems to do a nice job.

Hi, just started playing with my LimeSDR Mini with SDRAngel. I’m also trying to have a look at ADS-B, and also got this one. Looks like a sampling artifact, I have it at 10MS/s, and it appears every 10MHz. Try changing the sampling rate to move it off the frequency you’re looking at.