Adding commands to the LimeSDR using the LMS64C protocol

I am attempting to add a command to the comms path between the LimeSDR and my command line utility. I found the code in LMS64CProtocol.cpp and created a clone of the LMS64CProtocol::GetInfo() call, GetStatus(). I created a new command: CMD_GET_STATUS = 0x01, in LMS64CCommands.h . I created the same command in the NIOS code as well. The GetStatus() call sends the new command type and it returns but with the incorrect response, I get back STATUS_UNKNOWN_CMD. I never see the CMD_GET_STATUS even enter the NIOS command processing case.

Digging into the code I found that in fact, my command is exiting the PC but is apparently not reaching the NIOS, but is possibly being processed in the FX3 code, which has a command processing case statement like the NIOS. When I issue the CMD_GET_INFO command, the command does not even make it into the NIOS, as evidenced by not getting to the breakpoint I set in the NIOS code. The FX3 must be responding.

Another astonishing thing I discovered is that there is code in both the FX3 and the NIOS to process the CMD_BRDSPI16_RD, but for this command, the NIOS DOES respond to the command, not the FX3.


How do you add a command to the LMS64C protocol on the LimeSDR, what is the procedure?


What is going on that the FX3 responds to some commands and the NIOS responds to other commands. What decides that?


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The list of commands that are send to NIOS is here:

BOOM! thats the answer!
Thanks heavily!