A working BPSK transceiver in GNU Radio?

Hi All,
I see a lot of FM tranceivers in GNU Radio for LIMESDR.
However, I could not find a single working PSK transceiver in GNU Radio for the LIMESDR.
Any help?

I don’t think there is anything dedicated to digital modes.
However it can be done by using SDRAngel and Virtual Audio Cable to connect to a program such as Fldigi.

I meant a simple GNU Radio project that is connected to the LIMESDR board using osmocom source/ sink.

Basically what you are talking about is an SSB transceiver that has a digimode front end.
So first you need to find a working SSB transceiver block and then build a digital conversion front end for it.
I’ve not heard of anything in GNU Radio that does the digital stuff like that but you can again use Virtual Audio Cable and a program like Fldigi on a GNU Radio SSB transceiver block to get there as well.
BPSK is called a mode but it is in reality more an encoding transmitted over SSB (or AM, or FM).

Take a look here:

And for a few more this search finds a lot of em:

Thanks for the info. However, I was hoping for an example that works with LIMESDR- Osmocom Source/sink.
All the examples use USRP or other devices.

Just replace the sink/source with the right one, that I do believe is how it is done.

What you need is just finding the block in gnuradio.

I successfully transmit txt file using bpsk, gmsk and qam.

I even tried to transmit real-time camera video, by using tcp sink/source and connecting together with opencv.

Thanks for the insight. However I always see TX no TX/RX in bpsk,qpsk, qam. Would you kindly share your application?

I don’t know what do you mean by TX or TX/RX, usually I see that in uhd sink instead of bpsk or qpsk blocks.

Here is a video I took when I was transmitting through gmsk. bpsk and qam is similar just replace the block and it should be done.

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Any update on a BPSK transceiver example?