A question about LimeSuite Sink


I am using LimeSDR-USB and GNURadio(windows edition) to transmit signals. The model of GNURadio for LimeSDR transmit is called “LimeSuit Sink” ,just as follows:

The PA Path can be set to Band1 or Band2 .So my question is:
(1) What dose PA Path mean,and how to choose?
(2) I noticed that the there are two RF connectors for TX1 port. They are TX1_1 and TX1_2. I think if I choose Band1 then the TX1_1 is chosen to transmit signal, and if I choose Band2, then TX1_2 is chosen to transmit signal. Is that ture? Because I don’t find other options to decide which TX port(TX1_1(L) or TX1_2(H))is transmiting.

Thanks for your attention and hoping for your reply.