A FP-RF frontend for WiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz) and Wireless USB (3-11GHz)

Dear MYRIAD-RF forum modulator,

I am glad to have found a company that produce FP-RF.
However, I am looking for one with the operating frequency ranges from 2.4 up to 11GHz.

My problem is to build a system. I have Altera Stratix III dev-kit to develop my digital baseband processor/encoder and my own antennas that works on WiFi band and UWB band (3.1-10.6GHz). However I need a board for me to pass the digital signal from HSMC connector to my antenna and I have not found compatible one online.

I heard of Zipper and some others but I am still unsure .
May I know whether MYRIAD-RF has any programmable RF front end that works for WiFi or UWB band?


Hi Johnyeoh,

Myriad-RF board is a RF module based on LMS6002D chip, which covers wide frequency range, starting from 300MHz and going up to 3800MHz, with no frequency gaps. It is designed without any dedicated front-end, so SDR users can use it for any application, within the supported frequency range.

Zipper and MyriadRF boards, would be a perfect combination to work with Altera kit for WIFI application. The digital interface form Myriad to Altera kit will be established with Zipper board. MyriadRF board can transmit 0dBm@2.4GHz OFDM modulated signal. If you need more Output Power, you can connect external power amplifier via the SMA connector.

I hope this helps.


Hi Andrew,

Allow me to rephrase.
Do you means if I want to develop customised SDR from 300-3800MHz on Altera Stratix III kits, I will need both Zipper and Myriad-RF altogether, which free me from the trouble looking for front end hardware such as amplifier, modulators, LNA, carrier generator etc., am I right at this point?

You have mentioned “MyriadRF board can transmit 0dBm@2.4GHz OFDM modulated signal”
May I have the document about other type of modulation signal available in this Myriad-Zipper combo?

We will also design smart antenna beam-forming by doing customize antenna switching.
I know it is possible to use GPIO from the Altera kits. But is there any additional programmable GPIO on MyriadRF-Zipper combo which allows additional antenna ports and programmable RF switches?

Wai Siang

Hi Wai,

Yes, Zipper and Myriad-RF combination offers you everything you need to transform digital data to RF domain. This will connect to Altera or Xilinx platforms and all registers to set it up for wanted application controlled via SPI interface.

As I mentioned before, Myriad-RF is based on LMS6002D transceiver which is suitable for most of the communications applications. You can get more information here:

Myriad-RF has some on board RF switches which are control via GPIOs. But there is no free GPIO that can be used for external device control.


Thanks Andrew.

Do you come across or would it be any similar front end module that works at higher frequency channel up to 11GHz in near future?

Wai Siang


I haven’t, not sure if there are some. You could extend your range by attaching external mixer to the Myriad RF input/outputs. In this case you will have digital interface sorted for all RF range :slight_smile:


Hi Andrew,

May I have the contact of Myriad’s FAE personnel regarding the quotation?

Wai Siang

Hello Wai,

Probably the best is to contact AZIO (link) for quotation.

Or other choice is DigiKey (link).