2x XTRX with USB3 adapters for sale

I have for sale two XTRX boards mounted in USB3 adapters, is anyone interested on buying them?

They are also based on lms7002m chip, but are better for embedding solutions, support higher sampling rate, have better freq stability and integrated GPS disciplined oscillator.

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I’m interested; please email me at elliot.saba@juliacomputing.com and we can discuss further.

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As Elliot actually needs Pro version, these boards are still available

Hi, would you be willing to sell only one of those XTRX boards?

I’m having a hard time finding LimeSDR-USB, so XTRX with a USB3 adapter would be a nice replacement.
Also, it’s fair to point out that I’m Europe-based, so sending it might be a little bit of a problem (or not).

Thank you very much in advance!