22.09 firmware update and calibration

Hey guys! Been running my v1.3 mini board for a couple of years and was looking around when I noticed a newer LimeSuite version, however it fails to flash using v22.09 with a FPGA read error trying to initiate the flashing, same goes for both linux and windows versions (both LimeSuiteGUI and LimeUtil)… 20.10 flashes just fine so question - is there a newer firmware for it even?

Second, I was thinking of doing a calibration too - is it safe to (or even a reason to chosing 22.09 over 20.10 for just RX calibration purposes, or should I stick with 20.10? (TX would be nice too but haven’t even tried the TX part of it durin these years so is of no priority at all so far.
(I also read … somewhere… that the calibration feature is deprecated and might possibly be removed altogether?)

Is there any risk of bricking it with a calibration procedure?
And btw, sdr# says Library version 19.01 even after a flash with 20.10, is that normal? Perhaps not even the same thing?


I suspect not and it’s likely just that the firmware images haven’t been copied across on the downloads server for the latest release.

Yes. Well, calibration should be initiated by applications when settings, e.g. frequency and bandwidth, are changed and this should happen automatically every time this happens. It’s not like you need to run a manual calibration process and then this persists values somewhere. That was the case in the very early days, many years ago, but that process has long been deprecated

This isn’t one you need to run.

Ok, then I don’t need to bother :slight_smile: Cheers!