Simple modulation using LimeSDR & grc

After some days now I thought I’ll give an update.

Before sending anything I wanted to get my modulation & demodulation right. So i started a side project with a lot of try & Error and experimenting with different blocks, but finally i got my data (however I needed to bitshift the whole file).

The result:
Screenshot from 2018-10-16 09-42-05

The good thing: This also works when I add my LimeSDRs, however, since I don’t trigger on a syncword yet, the Data is scattered in the bithsifted files.
The project looks like this by now. Variables & TX part with modulation and primitive packet generation:

The RX Device. Notice that the LimeSuite RX has an input, I modified the code to be able to activate AGC.

And the demodulation and bitshift:


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