SDR not working with USB 3.0

Also aforementioned your NUCs aren’t much more powerful than my now old desktop (i3-6100/z170). With that hardware I could barely get more than 6m samples before dropping packets in sdrangel (w/o soapy). I updated my mainboard and cpu for only $220 at micro center which was a drive away for me. With a Ryzen 5 3600 and a cheap b450 board I now can do 31m samples, click other apps and even watch an FHD atsc1 stream without packet loss. Depending on post processing and layers of abstraction in your software I don’t know how much bandwidth your nucs can process. Has definitely lowered my expectations of how much I can do on a Pi (or Pi source compiled on OpenWrt, although router hardware is designed for bandwidth.). … I hope this isn’t too far off topic but will also affect your USB performance if the packets have nowhere to go. Maybe I just need a software buffer somewhere. I’m sure configurations will improve but for now I’ll just throw a tiny bit of iron at it.

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