REQ: SBC that can handle SoapySDR Remote full b/w of limesdr-mini

I am using an Ultra96 ( which is a Zynq core device. It has the added advantage that I can pipe IQ samples directly from the USB 3x port into the FPGA fabric and do things like keep a 16K FFT hot all the time. Not a solution I can recommend if you’re not comfortable with FPGAs though.

Something that struck me about your message though was that you want “all the samples” over WiFi which can be really difficult if you want a very wide stare. I was shooting for doing tuning and filtering locally so I just send the channel (or channels) of interest over the network and then can pull the data from there.

My ideal board would be this Zynq chip with an m.2 slot and 4xPCIe lanes so that I could use an XTRX on it. That would be a sweet build but without the time to lay it out I go with what I have.


Basic specs:
The TX-2 Dev board is made for this type of thing. The CPU/GPU & RAM are all integrated, directly on the same form. Minimum latency of communications.

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