OAI and LimeSDR-Mini


The error is coming on it in your logfile :
CPU_Affinity flag is False”

so it’s a problem on cpu!!!


oh no! how would I fix it or trick the cmake to compile ? Would I need to look into something like this https://www.dfrobot.com/product-1727.html


yes, but how cost is it?


Never see this antenna! what is this reference!!! how many dbi is it?


here is a similar antennas on Aliexpress you can check them :

gain = 5 dbi


when compiling the pi3 gets hot.
make sure you have cooling if working cpu hard. (especially if overclockedand using -j4 option)


But did you achieve to compile it on pi?


That is based on more than a year old commit, really old. There was significant improvements in the codebase, but the example files are not up to date (the Lime related example files are now missing from the “develop” tree).

Would be better to focus on getting the support back on the latest develop branch, than playing with this way outdated version.


what is latest branch ? i would like to try it?


With OAI, the recommended reasonably up to date branch is “develop” . The original support was created for the “big” LimeSDR, so there might be some modifications needs to be done.


Yessir I am using the develop branch of OAI, but the challenge stems from what I believe is building the source on a RPI, I assume this code will only work with x86? Any thoughts on this or are there other OAI type options that will work on ARM ?


@brandonrains did you get it work on x86 generic PC (OAI+LimeSDR-mini) ??


not yet, I’m stilling trying to get it to work on ARM. Will look into getting it on a PC if I can’t get it on ARM


I’m giving up on trying to get an LTE network running like OAI on a ARM system. I ordered a LattePanda, will keep you posted


Latest develop branch works on my mini (x86_64), no need to use that old patched version the tutorial in the beginning of this thread suggests.


@dchard you mean you succeeded getting a commercial phone attached to lte_softmodem (eNB) and connect to the internet ?!, using the latest develop branch of "openairinterface5g" ???


@dast has your 4G antennas arrived ? did you try it ? is there any thing new ?


ok, i will try it! thankk’s for saying it! did you use ubuntu 16.04 or 17.04?


The high gain antenna is not yet arrived! i use now dlink antenna of lte modem , i could connect it but after some minute it’s disconnet !!! i’m not sure but maybe it’s due to the hot temperature of fpga and lms ci so i do some cooling for it it! it’s not yet finished


Yes, that is what I meant. Here is an NSG picture of the result:

I used an 1800MHz cavity duplexer. Please note that the reference signal power and TX/RX gains will need to be fine tuned for sure, as noone did that for the Mini yet. That will require a vector signal analyzer, or an enodeb tester.

So do not expect the system to be optimal out of the box, none the less it is working.

I also not completely trust the frequency stability of the Mini, so I will attach a OCXO to it.

Another thing is heat: long time using (that means more than 5-10 minutes!) will require active cooling or a big heatsink attached to the mini. I think there are multiple topics about this, but beware.