Max NCO, relation to sampling rate, and NCO effect

@andrewback @Zack Any advice concerning the NCO? What is its impact, for both RX and TX?

I currently run at 55MS/s in dual RX at 2450MHz with NCO +/- 23MHz to listen on 101MHz with some overlap in the middle. That way I get the whole 2.4GHz band. What impact can the NCO have on the reception?

For TX I want to also be able to handle the 2.4GHz band and switch fast between frequencies. To do so I’m using the NCO (see Frequency hopping transmit [FIXED]). From what I noticed before, if I’m sampling at 10MS/s, I should be able to use the NCO to transmit my signal anywhere on the 2.4GHz band. But again, what is the impact of the NCO on my signal?

Concerning the transmit power, the wider the signal, the less powerful it gets. But if I want to send a 10MHz wide signal, can I get similar power by using a 10MS/s sampling rate and a 40MS/s with a low pass filter to only keep the 10MHz signal? Or will I always get 4 times less power, even with the filter?

Also, is the transmit power time limited? Eg can i transmit at the same constant power a continuous signal and a bursty signal?