LimeSDR under SDR-Console


@martywittrock please see the Lime Suite documentation for instructions and links to the latest image downloads:



Thanks for asking that - I’ll try to compile the current code - let me know if/when you get the latest firmware installed.


so i followed the guide and the example ini file, and the board seems to be working here, so I guess like you said its a firmware issue in the older boards, once you upgrade it… But this is a good guide for testing it works… Now does lime suite pass audio?? Oh and under pothos, the gqrx, can’t seem to get that to work yet, so it’ll go back in its pretty green and black box until SDR-Console works :slight_smile:


Glad to hear the tests passed OK! Lime Suite GUI is really just for development and testing.



I was one of the Backers so you can let me know when you have a new V3.0 ready and I’ll play with it since I have a new LimeSDR…I’ll also convert the old one I have to the new firmware to see if it’s compatible, too.

Thanks for checking back, Simon - 73 de Marty, KN0CK

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I had some issues with gqrx as well. Make sure you have the new Pothos build from yesterday, and you will have to fiddle with the device parameters. I used the values from this post as reference:

I believe I used the 10 Msps sample rate and the 4 MHz bandwidth, I had issues with other combinations crashing gqrx.


So i found the link, but strange thing, the auto program was trying to download a different one to the latest it was trying to get the 1.3r2.0 rather than 1.3r3.0 ?


Thanks TKtech, I’ll give that a try tonight…



Using my development board it always shows as Cypress FX3 USB StreamExample Device in the Device manager, not Myriad-RF LimeSDR-USB.

When I select Options / ConnectionSettings I see the window:

The programming window is also different:



Have you installed the latest PothosSDR DE, which as of now is: PothosSDR-2017.01.22-vc14-x64.exe ?


Sounds like you have an older firmware image loaded if it’s being enumerated with the Cypress VID and example PID, instead of the LimeSDR PID and Openmoko VID.



Please point me in the right direction to get the board updated so I can help the owners of the new cards.


Yes that is there version I grabbed last night, but the auto tried the earlier version, I grabbed the images manually and all installed OK, so now we await simons update

I have Hw1.3r3.0 img and the 1.4r2.2 rbf, which I think are the latest…



Images are here… Http://




Doesn’t help!



I seem to recall a couple others being able to use old drivers with the new boards. There may have been a release that included the new PIDs, but kept the old device name. I would uninstall the old drivers and install the new signed ones.


There is a link to update the USB driver for win10 and others, if I can find it again, bear with me…


I’ve been through the process described on the Wiki. As Andrew says, I must update an image but I need help doing this.


I downloaded the image files I listed and then under limesuite and programming, I selected the img file and it uploaded, and the same with the rbf for the fpga


Is this with a new or old card?