LimeSDR passes the $1 million mark

Of course it was released to someone who didn’t order a case, the cases weren’t there so the next person on the list got theirs while you waited for the cases.How is that not fair? Your demand that they hold up everyone elses order to wait for parts for your order is unreasonable and in no way “fair”.
This isn’t a grocery counter where you got line jumped.
So it never was "your"board was it? It was “a” board in the stock that went to the next person on the list who wasn’t waiting for some part of their order to be manufactured.
As for other Crowd Supply projects, some are more complicated than others, some run more smoothly than others, and some run into problems. That is the nature of manufacturing. That the ones you previously supported were smooth runners is a bit of luck on your part.
You also fail to take into account the entire month delay where we had to wait for Crowd Supply to take the required poll about making a modification that the people who aren’t really up to a dev product demanded be made before shipping.
I had to wait for them as well, and I didn’t whinge about how unfair it was that I had to wait an extra month because some people needed special handling.It was what it was and it wasn’t CS or Limes fault for that delay, that was a small percentage of the purchasing communities demands that created that delay.
I hope that the manufacture and distribution your next project and radio is smooth enough to make you happy, this one’s manufacturing delays seem to have rankled you to the bone.

Wow - I’m guessing you don’t work in a job that requires dealing with the public, never managed people, have children or play well with others- LOL!!! This may shock you, but, people are entitled to their feelings and opinions. By the way, I have made NO demands of any kind (as you falsely accuse me), rather, I was told in an email that I was in the queue and that the new run of boards was only for those who purchased later than I did. So, I believe I had a fair reason to expect that I would not need to wait - OK?! You say this isn’t the grocery store line - but, how about waiting in line for the latest iPhone at the local cellphone store. There you are, in line with a large growing line behind you. As you approach the counter you tell the representative that you want the package that has the phone and a cool protective case. Then you are told to step aside a moment while a employee goes in back to locate the cases… It’s taking longer than expected, and they continue to take other customers. They sell out all the phones, just as the cases are brought to the counter. Add to this, that you asked the rep if they had enough phones so that you would get one before they ran out - and was told YES. Hmmm, I really don’t know many folks that wouldn’t be at least a little upset when they were told “gee, we’re really sorry about that - you’ll need to wait until we get more in”. Whatever.

My apologies to everyone on this thread for putting you all through this. Had I realized that my comments would illicit such a response, and that I’d feel the need to further clarify, in retrospect I’d rather have not posted in the first place. I mean no disrespect to anyone and I am not trying to discredit a clearly great campaign with good success. I was trying to share my experience in the hope that it may encourage change in the way the folks running it may operate - to improve it. CLEARLY I blew it, ended up defending myself and that’s never good. I own all that and I’m sorry for it. I will not post on this topic further. I truly hope everyone is enjoying their LimeSDR’s and exploring DSP and Comms technology - really good stuff. These are truly exciting times when you can own such a capable technology as a hobby at such an affordable price. Who knows, I may yet get back in line at some point because it really is such a cool project. Peace.

Look, I wasn’t being mean. I was pointing out the cold hard reality of what we all did.
You made some harsh claims and I rebutted them, I am sorry that didn’t sit well with you.
The Apple store examples are off, it really isn’t like going into a store. Anywhere.
Like TAPR and their HPSDR projects I would bet there isn’t a ton of room at CS to store any kind of stock level as is, they are a crowd funding company not a retail outlet or retail warehouse.
And Lime is a -chip- manufacturer that has some demo boards designed, not a company manufacturing end consumer product like Apple (other than chips which are not end user commodity kind of things, and I am sure they are wizard at that full time).
When the original HPSDR runs were starting up we all had to wade through endless posts about the same things.and it was super distracting, did nothing to help along the flow of the processes in motion and made keeping up with the important stuff like theory, drivers, software and here in this case news about an absolutely awesome super successful $1,000,000.00 CS run.
Congrats again BTW, that really is cool.
When it was allowed to run it snowballed until some moderator had to shut it down hard, then it would slowly creep back again until enough boards were out there that everyone knew what was up and either already had theirs or they knew the score and asked pertinent questions and got ready until theirs could be packaged and shipped.
Now that is an example that is closer to the bone than an Apple store.
I truly do hope you find the SDR that you are looking for and that you have a great Easter holiday OK?
I just unboxed my two and they are definitely quality bits of kit. I suggest you give it another go.