LimeSDR mini RF receive front end?

found a block diagram at LMS7002M-docs/LMS7002M_Data_Sheet_v3.2r00.pdf at master · myriadrf/LMS7002M-docs · GitHub
and Table 2 at page 3 writes

Receive Gain Control Range: 89 dB in steps between 0.5 to 1.5 dB, typically 1 dB.

with the comment


IMHO, the RxTSP (digital signal processing block) shouldn’t be considered.
Happily, Table 4 at page 4 does give a more detailed answer:

RXLNA Gain Control Range: 30 dB
RXTIA Gain Control Range: 12 dB
RXPGA Gain Control Range: 32 dB

what sums up to an analog range of 74 dB. Fine :slight_smile:

if i understand the section “RX Gain Control” at top of page 4 correctly … RXLNA, RXTIA and RXPGA can be controlled automatically from an AGC, right?

available receive filters/bandwidths is discussed at Set Bandwidth question

looking at LimeSuite/mcu_program/common_src/lms7002m_filters.c at master · myriadrf/LimeSuite · GitHub
setting receive filters does also modify at least RXTIA, which is also relevant for the receive gain control range. Are bandfilters and receiver gain controllable independently?