LimeSDR learning curve

Hi Dimitar
Pls find here some initial info…

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My conclusion out of above results are…
Lime can be used quite well like any other SDR on HF but that need to be behind solid band pass
filters or on remote locations where RF spectrum is not saturated.

Above results are on location where no GSM towers are in direct view, FM broadcasting is limited in
power and no any other local source of RF except 2,4 GHz wireless…

73 Dj

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Mr. Mailman left some toys today :smiley:


No time to install LNA4HF but some tests are here without preamp, draw your own conclusions…
Same setup like for 7 MHz just please keep in mind that FC700 is in THRU mode on 1,8 MHz

After some considerations, what & how decided to order 2 pcs of

Hope to test with LNA4ALL and LNA4HF on HF and 50 MHz

Source of inspiration is this design ->


PS Yes I know how to make them on my own, but I am not near my lab
and like to play with Lime in the mean time…

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My favor NDB on 418 kHz
End feed antenna, 9:1 balun

Signal divider optimized for HF
first side
SDRplay RSP1 signal level marginal but notable using LSB or CW
second side
LNA4HF in front of LimeSDR no luck with any signal…on LNA W, modified


Why not compare the LimeSDR vs. any SDR on 418 kHz to see how much dB the LimeSDR is down. Then it will be easy to understand if Lime can be used on 418 kHz at all.

As I mentioned earlier, my dongle armed with a simple dbm mixer and canned oscillator is receiving the NDBs like 1000 km away without any problems.

Sure, that is on To-Do list :slight_smile:

Some other members here done that with Lime too, but up conversion
is not the subject here :smiley:

All must keep in mind that my test goes on LimeSDR RX1_W input, with coil removed.
Like to keep LimeSDR RX1_L input optimized for other project on GSM band.

LNA4HF + SDRplay RSP1 make nice rich AM reception on the same 418 kHz NDB