LimeSDR J12 GPIO Control

@Zack Thanks for the LimeSDR-PCIe page! There’s even the 1.3 version now :+1:

I’ve managed to use the GPIO (at least the J12 8 pins), but it’s a bit hacky as the cables I use don’t have exactly the right size. What kind of connector do you use to connect to the GPIO? Do they have a specific name? Or do you have a reference to digikey or mouser website? I’m having trouble finding exactly the right one.

Also, are the 16 GPIO of the LimeSDR PCIe accessible from SoapySDR? Last time I checked there was only one bank called MAIN and I couldn’t go above 255, which means 8 GPIO/bits. Maybe @joshblum has info on that?

It’s a 10-pin 2x5 1.27mm IDC socket that will plug on to the header. The same as used for ARM JTAG, e.g.:

I have just pushed a change to GitHub master that should remove 8bit GPIO limit from SoapyLMS.

I just noticed something weird in the doc: shows

while the board designs in (eg schematics v1.4s) shows


did you use the SoapySDRDevice_writeGPIO() API function? what did u use as the available gpio bank and how can you mask out one single gpio pin of that bank?(eg GPIO0)