LimeSDR failed

HI @andrewback and @Zack!

Thank you for your replies!

I haven’t used external PSU. My LimeSDR was used to broadcast analog television through only one channel. Since I do not have a license for these frequencies, I used only half the transmit power. The RF receive functions were not used and the television was about a meter away. I decided that an external PSU would not be required in these conditions. Was I wrong? Is it possible that insufficient power damaged the board?

I found two cases when people faced a similar problem without an external power source.

On Feb 23 2019 user @G0MJW

On Jul 3 2017 user @Jagmills

As I wrote before, I had experienced “Gateware version mismatch” errors. Please see the following screenshot.

The firmware was updated using LimeUtil as described in quick start guide and returned no errors. No settings were modified in Lime Suite GUI. Maybe these errors caused the power circuit failure?