Is Lime Microsystems failing as Chip Manufacturer? [tldr; no]


I hope this is “fake news”, but even when a business model or an entire company fails, we should be reminded that the smart minds behind a once thriving company will continue thriving wherever new greener pastures they move to.
Innovating in wireless is not easy and it takes considerable time in an unfriendly business environment.


It’s not even news, it’s someone making a spurious comment casting doubt on the company nothing more.

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I understand LMS7002M will be back in stock at DigiKey, but don’t have a firm date at present. If you have an urgent requirement can you e-mail sales@. Apologies if you have already, but it’s likely your e-mail got buried and if you could please re-send.


The title is pretty harsh, but the underlying question What is the Status of the next IC? Any News? is interesting.

LMS8001+ is supposed to be out since Sep 2017 but doesn’t seem to be available anywhere.


Hello Andrew,
Just sent another email to sales. I hope they respond this time.


Hi Andrew,
Apologies for the harping on the availability. We really need to get a confirmation so that we can get started with our design. Any help/inputs will be greatly appreciated.




Hi Andrew,
May I ask if you or LimeMicro sent me an email? Haven’t received anything.



Can I please request that you use DM/e-mail for business related enquiries and not these forums, which are intended for discussion related to hardware/software and wireless projects etc. — not commercial matters.

Also locking this topic now as I think the question has been answered and we’re getting seriously OT.

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