How about XTRX – A Fairwaves tiny SDR with LMS7002M on board?

Not on these forums, since it’s not a Myriad-RF project (just clarifying to avoid confusion, as saw XTRX referred to elsewhere as a LimeSDR, which obviously it’s not and uses a different driver stack etc).

I was thinking of a forum elsewhere, or an irc channel, or similar.

Is there a forum for xtrx yet? I’ve received mine from CrowdSupply and it’s tough getting started. I understand Fairwaves is small and busy so the support and documentation isn’t widely available. I would love to be able to find (and provide someday) community support in a forum like this.

@ipse Just got the xtrx and I’m looking to play with it using my zu+. Do you know if anybody succeed to interface the xtrx with the ultrascale + ? Do you have any reference ?