Harmonic operation

I did some harmonic testing at 10/24/47/78 GHz. The LimeSDR makes a good signal source with a few add-ons…

This is the LimeSDR set up on the bench. I GPS locked it for Freq stability, That is the pigtail on the top right. You can see he Lime is locked if you look at the LED’s. The fourth LED (below the red one) that is usually off is on Green. This indicates Lock. The antenna is WA5VJB 2-11 GHz LPA.

On 10/24 GHz, I used 3456 out of the LimeSDR. With the 10 GHz rig still sitting on a shelf, signal was S9+. I didn’t bother to point it.

Next I set up 24/47 GHz. I left the LPA on for the first test. LimeSDR still set at 3456. Here you can see the S meter at S9 on 24,192.

I changed over to a WR-42 horn and signal was S9+10. A bit hard to see exactly on my trusty FT-790 analog S meter…

Next, 47 GHz. Signal was a good S9. Both 24 and 47 are mounted on the same frame and they were about 6 feet away.

For fun, I tried 78 GHz. Here’s the rig set up.

Signal was very good! Here’s a shot of the signal in HDSDR.

The movement in the trace is because the rig had not fully warmed up yet. I should qualify the measurement. My 78 GHz rig uses a WA1MBA Amp/LNA and is highly optimized. I have earned VUCC #2 with it. Longest DX so far is 205 km in SSB.

I’m not sure I would see the signal without the LNA…

Fun Stuff!