GSM repeater

Spare LimeSDR boards? I’m afraid not, but you can pre-order at Crowd Supply :slight_smile:

There should be duplexer options which are packaged as modules or boards with RF connectors, that are much more convenient to use.

Yes there are plenty of them for ham radio but not found any for 800 MHz … Yet. I have the resources to make them but obviously convenience / laziness are key factors.

Ps. Any idea who wrote the instructable: . It was somebody in the Lime Microsystems team. I did ask on the page where the duplexes came from but no reply :disappointed:

My attempt at designing and building a duplexer using ‘old school’ individual SMD components. What do people reckon? Will it burst into flames when I turn it on? :wink:

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I’m just wondering if I can implement this repeater project on GNU radio or POTHOS @joshblum with the LimeSDR? Trouble is I can’t see any function blocks for digital loopback enable or MIMO enable. I also don’t know how to implement NCO up convert / down convert or implement the LO (local oscillator).

I have been trying to follow this Lime Micro systems tutorial:

But no success as yet. The repeater.ini file seems to be missing which would be very useful. I’m trying to replicate the file from the text and video, but there seems to be quite a few ways to get it wrong!

I wonder if it’s possible to create a block that can bypass the drivers and manipulate the registers directly?

Once I’ve cracked it, I’ll write up a better Instructable for it :relaxed: