Fast-sweep (similar to hackRF update)

We (Lime Micro) don’t have any plans to implement such a feature at present, but since the drivers and gateware etc. are open source there is nothing stopping someone else from doing this. @gasparka may have some thoughts on what might be involved, given his previous work to create an FPGA accelerated spectrogram with LimeSDR Mini.

Any update on this? Has anybody tried or got a working version?

It sounds as though there is little interest in this but if someone were willing to investigate with a view to engineering this, we may be interested in part funding it.


this is the main thing i think of the most.
i can not believe some talented people have not figured out how to do this especially since this has been done with hackrf.
i am almost ready to buy a hackrf just to get this feature.

i was thinking about this since i have been using gasparka’s "spectrogram’ which is ran in the fpga.
i think there was some talk about this but i cant remember what i read.
seriously though i have been thinking about getting a hackrf just for this. crazy…