ExtIO_LimeSDR.dll not working in HDSDR

@martywittrock the silkscreen says V1.4 but the more recent firmware updates fail when they try to do MCU programming. Rolling back the firmware (to pre-MCU-programming days) and stuff works again. I got this board a few months before the general release. See my other thread

The Pothos release that coincides with the firmware works great (CubicSDR, GQRX, etc.) but the current release version of CubicSDR does not recognize my board with the old firmware, and while it recognizes it with the new firmware it fails when it attempts to do the MCU programming.

Honestly it is not a big deal. I was planning on using one of the LimeSDR Mini’s for amateur radio (assuming it isn’t deaf on HF, or can be modded similar to the LimeSDR) work and use the LimeSDR with gnuradio development/experimentation, which so long as I compile gr-osmosdr with the appropriate limesuite revision works just fine and I can keep everything else bleeding edge.

I did the HF mod on RX1_L, I haven’t modded RX1_W yet. I’m just hopeful the mini’s are moddable or sensitive out of the box.