Control LimeSDR via SPI using Arduino MCU

@Zack … Fantastic! … and an example Arduino sketch helps enormously … Thank you! :relaxed: Must dig out that logic level shifting chip that fell behind the radiator.

Arduino Due uses 3.3v logic…

It is 5V. No chance for Atmega to work at 16MHz and 3.3V supply. Check Due schematic for more info.

Here is another thought. For simple application like spectrum scanner or even simple audio transmitter/receiver it should be possible to program LimeSDR for standalone operation. Cpu within cypress is more than enough to control external display with touchscreen. And with some fpga aid it should even be able to handle audio codec connected through fpga gpio. Imagine shield board connected to limesdr with touch display and audio input/output. That would make truly portable software radio.

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@modimo … That makes sense to me! :slight_smile: There’s probably enough silicon inside the FPGA to custom build a cpu inside that as well or program it to perform the modulation/demodulation directly.

There’s already a CPU built inside it, a NIOS II :slight_smile: And also a GSoC project to replace that with a RISC-V core.

Definitely lots of potential for doing what you describe.


I was talking about the Arduino Due, which has a Cortex M3 processor and uses 3.3v logic, NOT the Arduino Duemilanove that you are thinking about.

But if you are willing to dive into FPGA programming, I admire your ambition. I don’t think my old brain is still functional enough to take on that level of education. Best of luck with your project!

John Toscano, W0JT