Android app?

Hello everyone :slight_smile: this is my first post (google translate)

This post is a bit old, but I decided to log in here to describe my attempts with LimeSDR mini on adroid (OnePlus 7Pro)

Description “fast” if someone is interested in the topic, I can develop …

  1. Install kali Linux on the phone, I recommend ROOT device, although it is not necessary but there are more possibilities :slight_smile:
  2. Run the terminal, install gnu-radio I recommend 3.8, soapy, limesuite, gr-limesdr
  3. run Nethunter applications on the phone and select KEX Manager - select start server
    4.We run the vnc client (phone or other computer) and connect to the phone, run gnuradio, create a project, run the project, save the resulting python file
  4. run Kali nethunter, select CUSTOM Commands, ADD and add the command “python3” in the send to position: select KALI,
    6.the command has been added, just click the added icon to run our project, so you can add hundreds of commands and projects, in VNC mode everything works, in phone mode everything works from the terminal, so without GUI, for some it is an advantage for others: a disadvantage: )

My Lime mini, connected to Oneplus7, receives, records and transmits signals and is powered only from the phone.

If everything is planned and configured, OnePlus 7Pro + SDR is a much more ambitious solution than PortaPack :slight_smile: